Craft Gin Setouchi -Lemon- クラフトジン瀬戸内 檸檬

Craft Gin Setouchi -Lemon-

SETOUCHI Craft Gin | Lemon

A gin that expresses the delicacies and flavors of lemon. It is with this concept that we created this refreshingly fruity and aromatic gin. This is then blended with the green tea—the perfect complementary partner to lemon—for a deeper gin experience.

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Alcohol content
Base Ingredients
Brewers’ alcohol (produced in Japan),
Lemon, Juniper berries, Green Tea
Craft Gin Setouchi -Lemon- クラフトジン瀬戸内 檸檬
  • Japanese Graft Gin

  • Whisky

  • New Pot

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